Liz Kaar

Liz Kaar is an independent documentary filmmaker, working in Chicago and Latin America. She edited Kartemquin’s feature-length documentary Typeface, as well as a slew of shorts, demos and trailers for the company.  She’s also produced and directed non-profit videos for the Illinois Department of Public Health, CDC, and The Newberry Library.  Most recently she edited and associate produced the feature-length music documentary Andrew Bird: Fever Year.
After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Liz moved to Chicago and began her relationship with Kartemquin Films.  She was given the opportunity to cut her teeth by acting as assistant editor for Kartemquin’s In The Family, Milking the Rhino, and No Crossover. She learned the power of documentary films to create social change, and how to go about sculpting them in the editing room.  Over time Liz also came to learn she enjoys late nights, small dark editing rooms, tackling the monster of long-form story structure, and the resulting trail of potato chip crumbs. In addition to being a staff editor, Liz was also Director of Post-Production at Kartemquin from 2008-2012, managing the department and ushering in the brave new workflow of card-based media.
Liz is currently editing Kartemquin’s On Beauty and Living Revolution.

Films by Liz Kaar

Stranded by the State 2016
Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor
Hard Earned 2015
Series Editors / Co-Directors
In the Game 2015
On Beauty 2014
The Homestretch 2014
thank you
American Arab 2013
Director of Post-Production at Kartemquin
A Good Man 2011
Assistant Editors, Production Support for Kartemquin Films
The Interrupters 2011
Technical Consultant
No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson 2010
Assistant Editor / Post Production Supervisor
Typeface 2009
In the Family 2008
Assistant Editor
At the Death House Door 2008
Kartemquin Staff
Mapping Stem Cell Research: Terra Incognita 2007
Post Production Assistant