A life and death story about extreme heat, the politics of disaster, and survival by zip code. With equal parts naivete and requisite chutzpah, Peabody Award winning filmmaker Judith Helfand sets out on a quest to see if America’s disaster preparedness industry could be used to tackle what might be the deadliest man-made disaster of all: extreme poverty. With Chicago’s 1995 heat disaster at its dramatic core -- when 739 Chicago residents, most of them poor, elderly and African American, died over the course of one hot July week -- Cooked asks questions about the politics of disaster every city will have to answer: disaster preparedness for some or community resilience for all? Inspired by Eric Klinenberg's award winning book Heatwave: A Social Autopsy of Disaster in Chicago.

Generation Food

With a billion hungry and two billion overweight people on Earth, everyone knows that the food system is broken. But few people understand that it’s a system, with rules that keep things ticking along. A few groups are breaking these rules of how we eat today, so that everyone can eat tomorrow. Steve James (The Interrupters, Hoop Dreams, Life Itself) and Raj Patel (Stuffed & Starved, The Value of Nothing) weave together tales of the system’s destructive creators and creative destroyers, bringing together traders, farmers, grocers and eaters from India to Malawi to Maine to Oakland to show not only how the system works, but how some unlikely people are transforming it.

The Dilemma of Desire

The Dilemma of Desire will explore the clash between the external power of gender politics and the equally powerful imperatives of female sexual desire through the lens of our three main subjects: a scientist, Lisa Diamond; an artist, Sophia Wallace; and an erotic filmmaker, Lucie Blush; provocative women all using their work to challenge and shatter the myths about what women want. No easy task to be sure. Cultural, religious and political forces continue to punish women for wanting sex despite scientific evidence proving that women are highly sexual beings. One question drives our narrative: How different would the world look if women’s libidos were taken as seriously as men’s?