17 year-old Keire Johnson fends for himself: his mother works three jobs, his father has recently passed away, and he has a brother who's in and out of jail. His chosen family is a group of skateboarders that's unofficially led by 23 year-old Zack Mulligan, scion of a family that's run a local skatepark and skateshop for over two decades. The 25 year-old filmmaker, Bing Liu, first met Zack and Keire filming them in his skate videos a decade ago.

Returning home, Bing quickly bonds with Keire over shared experiences of trauma, launching Bing on a three-year exploration that finally culminates in a confrontation with his mother and brother. Meanwhile, Zack struggles to raise his newborn son with his girlfriend Ninia–realizing his own version of fatherhood. While they all harbor the same unconditional love for skateboarding that bonded them together in their boyhood, it's now up to them to become men on their own.

Issues: Class Inequality, Family, Mental Health/Psychology/Trauma, Race/Ethnicity/Racism, Sports