Joanna Rudnick on a "the beginning of a new era" for high-risk women

In the Family director Joanna Rudnick is quoted in an Associated Press article today about a new study from the American Medical Association that indicates women at a high-risk of breast and ovarian cancer can benefit from ovary removal surgery. In the article, Joanna call the findings the "the beginning of a new era" for high-risk women, and reveals her own future plans to have ovary removal surgery at the age of 40 after having children. Read the full article.Click here to support Joanna's newest film, On Beauty. Continued

The immediate impact of being on the YouTube homepage

On Tuesday, the trailer for Typeface was vaulted to the front page of YouTube thanks to one of the film's fans (read more about it here). Since this was a new experience for the film, we thought we'd share the stats on the impact this immediately had on our site traffic and sales, and also some thoughts on what it was like to have a mini-breakout into the mainstream away from the design, typography and letterpress community that has been such a huge supporter of the film from the start. Continued

Typeface trailer lands on YouTube homepage!

Thanks to the great taste of a young design student, for today only you can find our video "Typeface Official Trailer #2" on the YouTube homepage! The video was chosen by Karen Kavett, a student at Rhode Island School of Design, who was selected by YouTube to curate their homepage for the day. Karen - whose own videos on typography have made a big impact with YouTube viewers - chose the Typeface trailer as part of her "Spotlight: Cool Typography" series (refresh your page if you don't see it right away). Continued

Prisoner of Her Past now on Netflix, and back in Chicago

The award-winning Kartemquin documentary Prisoner of Her Past is now available on Netflix. Add the film to your queue today! If you are in the Chicago area however, perhaps you might want to see the film with Howard Reich in person at a special screening at the Spertus Institute on November 14th, 2010. Howard will introduce the film and sign copies of the DVD and his book. Tickets are available now from the Spertus Institute. Continued

Chicago Community Trust grant will help us understand you better!

We are grateful to receive a $15,000 grant from The Chicago Community Trust for the research, implementation and creation of a new database system as part of the Arts Engagement Small Grants program.  This grant will ultimately allow Kartemquin to track and measure impact for the communities we serve through our social issue films.  We plan to use the grant to implement a database system and audience engagement study that will work across all departments, helping us to better identify our participants and understand their needs.  We plan to share our story of this year-long process with the nonprofit community and other Trust grantees as part of our mission to produce quality media that is accompanied by measurable real world results. Continued

Farewell and thanks to At the Movies

This weekend saw the final episode of At the Movies broadcast on American television. Kartemquin has always been fond of the program ever since it was so integral in raising awareness of Hoop Dreams with this famous review in 1994. It seems we're not alone in feeling this way, as many other writers over the past few days have marked the end of the show with tributes that make special mention of that landmark Hoop Dreams review, including NPR,, Reuters, and the superb Not Just Movies blog, who felt that most appropriate way to pay tribute to was by profiling Hoop Dreams in detail, since they discovered the film "solely through the attention it received on the program." Our thanks and eternal gratitude go to Gene Siskel, Roger Ebert and At the Movies. Continued

MacArthur Foundation awards large production grant to The Interrupters

The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation has awarded the Kartemquin documentary The Interrupters a production grant of $200,000. The grant will allow director/producer Steve James and write/producer Alex Kotlowitz to finish production on the film, which will be broadcast on PBS’ Frontline.   “The MacArthur Foundation has long been a supporter of my work with Kartemquin,” said Steve James. “The first grant we ever received from them was for Hoop Dreams in 1990. That grant saved the film, allowing us to not just finish the film, but also do so in the way we wanted.  We view this current grant to The Interrupters in the same light.  It is extremely timely and essential and will allow us to make the film in a way we hope does justice to the important issues the film addresses.” Continued