Chicago Maternity Center in New York

We are delighted to announce a special Kartemquin 45th anniversary screening of the newly restored The Chicago Maternity Center Story in New York City. The screening is presented by Stranger Than Fiction at the IFC Center and will take place on April 19 at 8pm. Gordon Quinn and Suzanne Davenport, two of the film's five co-directors, will attend and take part in a discussion following the screening.Get tickets and more information. See the Facebook event and watch the trailer. Continued

"Leaner and meaner" Interrupters premieres in Dallas

The Interrupters continued its impressive festival run Saturday with another sold out screening at the Cleveland Film Festival. Interrupters Cobe Williams and Rodney “Hot Rod” Phillips did a road trip with Co-producer Zak Piper, where they joined Producer Alex Kotlowitz on stage after the screening to answer questions following another standing ovation. Cobe reports that one viewer saw the movie twice in Cleveland. He brought his wife back the second time! Zak Piper also reports that while in Cleveland the crew bumped into Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen, who later gave an endorsement of the film and Ceasefire on his twitter feed. Continued

Your responses to Inquiring Nuns

Inquiring Nuns was broadcast on WTTW in Chicago last night as the opening film in their year-long celebration of Kartemquin's 45th anniversary. A film about two nuns wandering the streets of Chicago asking people "are you happy?" was never going to fail to get a response, and the classic 1968 cinema verite documentary did just that. Here's a selection of some of our favorite responses from Twitter, and your own comments on the film's page on this website: Continued

Watch Refrigerator Mothers for Autism Awareness Month

Today marks the first day of Autism Awareness Month. You can help commemorate how far we've come in understanding autism by watching Kartemquin's landmark film Refrigerator Mothers. The film portrays the America of the 1950s and 1960s, a time when autism was severely misunderstood, and paints an intimate portrait of an entire generation of mothers, already laden with the challenge of raising profoundly disordered children, who lived for years under the dehumanizing shadow of professionally promoted "mother blame." Upon release in 2003, Refrigerator Mothers won numerous awards and plaudits, with the Autism Society of America review stating that "anyone involved with autism spectrum disorder must see this video... remarkable!" Continued

Saluting a Documentary Legend

Kartemquin was sad to hear of the passing of documentary filmmaker Richard Leacock last week. As a pioneer in the form, he was a major influence on Kartemquin's founders as they began their careers over 45 years ago. Below is a brief tribute message from them: "Ricky Leacock was one of the inspirations for  the founding of Kartemquin. His film Primary (with Robert Drew and Albert Mayles) and Happy Mothers Day (with Joyce Chopra) opened us up to what documentary could do. Over the years he was generous with technical and aesthetic advice. He set an example of how to look and learn from what we saw through the camera and how in an ethical way to tell stories about real people." - Gordon Quinn and Jerry Temaner, Kartemquin Co-founders. Continued