Sharene Miller to attend Maternity Center Story screening!

Kartemquin is delighted to announce that Sharene Miller, subject of The Chicago Materity Center Story, will be attending our screening of the film on Saturday in Chicago at 1:30pm! We are excited for the audience to witness the reunion of the Chicago Maternity Center Story filmmakers with Sharene, seen giving birth to her son in this classic 1976 feminist documentary about women struggling to control their rights amid of the corporate takeover of healthcare. A number of members of the home birth movement will also be present for a post-screening discussion and reception for ticket holders. Do not miss the event: get tickets now. Continued

Sundance praise for The Interrupters

The Interrupters had two extremely successful public screenings at Sundance this past weekend, with the violence interrupters and the film's crew receiving standing ovations from the sold out crowds. With two more screenings this weekend, many of the people associated with the film are still in Park City, but we will soon have some videos and pictures from their trip to share with you (we also already posted some great green room pictures and a radio interview on the film's Facebook page). Also, check out the new website for the film - containing four new clips. In the meantime, read some of the great reviews the film has received at Sundance, from both critics and viewers on the web and Twitter: Continued

A new standard for using documentary film in the classroom

Read the latest Prisoner of Her Past blog, in which Howard Reich describes how "Some Very Savvy 8th Graders" at Westview Hills Middle School were inspired to engage with the film through working in groups and by screening the film in segments, resulting in 150 students "bursting with ideas, observations and an outpouring of inquiries." Some of their questions get right to the heart of the film's treatment of issues such as PTSD, memory, trauma and the Holocaust, and may surprise you. Read Howard's blog here. Continued

Hoop Dreams: One of the "10 Movies that Changed Hollywood"

Entertainment Weekly has listed Kartemquin's Hoop Dreams as one of the "10 Movies that Changed Hollywood". Critics Owen Gleiberman and Lisa Schwarzbaum picked films made "since 1990 that infused filmmaking with a new spirit." Writing about Hoop Dreams, they state: "Two high school basketball players come to embody a giant, complex portrait of American society in this magnificent documentary. Today's audience for nonfiction films can thank it for profoundly changing the game." Continued

The Interrupters trailer is an internet smash

A number of film blogs picked up on our release of the poster and trailer for The Interrupters last night, causing a very strong reaction and some high praise. Responses included: "The Interrupters has a good chance to become the most important film of 2011" - "It’s a lock that I’ll be checking out The Interrupters as soon as possible" - "This is definitely one of the must see films of the year that will serve a purpose beyond entertainment." - Continued

What the American West can learn from Africa and Milking the Rhino

The African community conversation models portrayed in Milking the Rhino were recently cited as providing a potential lesson for Utah and the American West in a recent blog by Ed Meyer, an expert on rural economic development programs. In his guest post Lessons in Community-Based Conservation from Africa on the "Western Rural Development Center" blog, Mr. Meyer calls Milking the Rhino a "marvelous film" and calls for those interested in issues of community-based conservation to learn more about the film, and to provide him with any relevant examples of similar practices taking place in the United States. Continued