Saluting a Woman of Vision

Are you interested in issues around fair use, public media, women in film, and ethics in documentary? Then you should know, and salute, our Board Member Patricia Aufderheide. Pat was the honored recipient of a "Woman of Vision" recognition from Women in Film and Video (DC) last month for her pioneering work in addressing the issues listed above - work that has helped positively change the entire field of documentary filmmaking. If you want to know more about Pat's work, check out the Center for Social Media, or watch this short "Woman of Vision" video, which features testimony from our artistic director Gordon Quinn (filmed by Zak Piper).   Continued

Great news in the Myriad genetic patenting case!

The United States Justice Department took a public stand on the issue of genetic patenting for the first time on October 29th, stating that human and other genes should not be eligible for patents because they are part of nature. The Department of Justice filed an Amicus Brief in the case against Myriad Genetics agreeing with the plaintiffs, in a move that will have major implications for the case and the issues which Kartemquin's 2008 film In the Family helped bring to worldwide attention. Here is a statement on the news from In the Family director Joanna Rudnick: Continued

Kartemquin contributes to spectacular Buddhist caves exhibit

"Echoes of the Past: The Buddhist Cave Temples of Xiangtangshan", a new exhibition at the Smart Museum in Chicago, features a video segment created by members of Kartemquin. The pioneering exhibit features 3D video reconstructions of ancient cave sculptures in China. Veteran Kartemquin producer and associate Judy Hoffman directed a "Pilgrimage" documentary that accompanies the exhibit and shows the present-day environs of this historic site. Judy then brought the video to Kartemquin for fine cut editing and audio sweetening by Leslie Simmer and color correction by Jim Morrissette. Continued

Kartemquin receives Prince Charitable Trusts funding

Kartemquin has been awarded a grant for two-year support in the amount of $20,000 per year from the MacArthur Fund for Arts and Culture at Prince. The fund goes towards supporting general operational funds and the implementation of a three-year strategic plan. For more information, visit the Prince Charitable Trusts website. To offer your own support to Kartemquin and, please consider a donation to our IMPACT campaign. Continued

Lessons from Prague: Howard Reich on an amazing screening

Last week Howard Reich took Prisoner of Her Past to Warsaw and Prague for emotional, standing room-only screenings attended by many top European psychologists and Holocaust scholars and surviviors. In his latest post at the film's blog, Howard describes how the post-screening discussion in Prague offered "revelatory insights" about the different ways of coping with childhood trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder seen in the documentary. Continued

Support our Impact campaign

Which Kartemquin film had the most impact on you? Please visit our IMPACT campaign page to see how our films have inspired social change, and to share your impact story. We are initiating this IMPACT campaign to help us to build a firm, financial base for the coming years. We believe in the power of film as a medium to address social issues, do you? Please pledge your support through a donation that will help underwrite our programs and films. If you make an impact on us, we can make an impact upon millions. We can’t do it without your support. YES, I WANT TO MAKE AN IMPACT Continued

See how we rocked the doc!

Photos from Kartemquin's Rock the Doc! benefit party at Angels and Kings Chicago are now up on the Kartemquin Facebook Page. Check them out and see what beautiful filmmakers and fans we have! Thanks again to photographer (and former Kartemquin intern) Lesley Onstott for the great pics, and thank you to everyone who came out - many new faces along with old friends of Kartemquin - and made the event such a great success. We'll also be putting up some video of the event soon on our Youtube channel, so please look out for that. We can't wait to Rock the Doc with you again soon! Continued

American Arab on video and in Chicago

On November 12th Kartemquin Films and the City of Chicago Council on Human Relations Advisory Council on Arab Affairs will host a panel discussion on issues relating to current events affecting American Arab experience and identity. The discussion will be stimulated by exclusive clips from Kartemquin's in-progress film American Arab. Get more information here. A new video from American Arab's last fundraiser, held in Chicago this summer, is now available online. Watch the video to hear director Usama Alshaibi's thoughts on why he is making this documentary and how you can help support the film. Continued