American Arab "can't be released soon enough"

BadLit, the online journal of underground film, sent out a call for support today for Kartemquin's in-progress documentary American Arab. Praising Kartemquin for supporting director and Kartemquin Diversity Fellow Usama Alshaibi in making this "important film," BadLit's Mike Everleth writes: "In Bad Lit’s opinion, with a media that seems especially gung-ho promoting manufactured divisive and falsely controversial topics such as the hideously nicknamed “World Trade Center mosque” and a far-right media that plants fake news stories such as claiming that Sharia law has taken over local governments so that national politicians can campaign against such topics, a film like American Arab can’t be released soon enough." Continued

Praise for Prisoner of Her Past

In advance of its upcoming Canadian premiere at the Rendezvous with Madness Film Festival on November 7th, Prisoner of Her Past has received an endorsement from the Toronto Jewish Tribune. Calling the film an "engrossing documentary," the paper's Barbara Shainbaum stated: "this personal mystery, rooted specifically in a Jewish world, thematically rises above it by examining the universal long-term psychological effects of untreated trauma." Read the entire article. Continued

Saluting a Woman of Vision

Are you interested in issues around fair use, public media, women in film, and ethics in documentary? Then you should know, and salute, our Board Member Patricia Aufderheide. Pat was the honored recipient of a "Woman of Vision" recognition from Women in Film and Video (DC) last month for her pioneering work in addressing the issues listed above - work that has helped positively change the entire field of documentary filmmaking. If you want to know more about Pat's work, check out the Center for Social Media, or watch this short "Woman of Vision" video, which features testimony from our artistic director Gordon Quinn (filmed by Zak Piper).   Continued

Great news in the Myriad genetic patenting case!

The United States Justice Department took a public stand on the issue of genetic patenting for the first time on October 29th, stating that human and other genes should not be eligible for patents because they are part of nature. The Department of Justice filed an Amicus Brief in the case against Myriad Genetics agreeing with the plaintiffs, in a move that will have major implications for the case and the issues which Kartemquin's 2008 film In the Family helped bring to worldwide attention. Here is a statement on the news from In the Family director Joanna Rudnick: Continued

Kartemquin contributes to spectacular Buddhist caves exhibit

"Echoes of the Past: The Buddhist Cave Temples of Xiangtangshan", a new exhibition at the Smart Museum in Chicago, features a video segment created by members of Kartemquin. The pioneering exhibit features 3D video reconstructions of ancient cave sculptures in China. Veteran Kartemquin producer and associate Judy Hoffman directed a "Pilgrimage" documentary that accompanies the exhibit and shows the present-day environs of this historic site. Judy then brought the video to Kartemquin for fine cut editing and audio sweetening by Leslie Simmer and color correction by Jim Morrissette. Continued